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Day 38 of 100 - Grateful to do things together

Aren't you so much more grateful when you're able to do things together, peaceably with others? When I used to work on the wharf in Fremantle, when we had a common goal, it united our minds, and we really worked in sync, and everyone was always so happy and grateful when we achieved it together.

how to connect with people | how to create the right atmosphere | have the right energy
An atmosphere of harmony and happiness with good energy and good vibrations

The meditation community I am a part of is just like that - but on steroids haha. Because we have a common goal of wanting to help people, and everyone is in the process of clearing their minds, there’s less judgements and negativity between us, so it creates an atmosphere of happiness and harmony.

The energy is always so beautiful! If you’re an empath, you can really feel the vibe of a crowd, or when you walk into a room, or even when you’re being judged individually. But in these situations, it’s the opposite, so the energy is so wonderful.

Even though my nature is introverted, there’s always been a deep desire in my heart to really connect with people, even when I was rejecting them…. Deep down, I just wanted to truly connect.

become one with others | connect with people | follow your heart
I always has a deep desire to truly connect with people

It’s a sad way of living like this for most humans. This is why there is so much disharmony and discord in the world. Everyone is just living in their own little bubbles. Their own little mind worlds.

I used to feel so alone. Even around my friends. So alone… but now, I can really connect with people so much better. Now I can really humble myself and accept people and work together.

And what is more beautiful than people working together? There are not many things I can think of. Unfortunately, it tends to take a great tragedy to unite us, or some kind of major sporting event (go Socceroos, we love you!), but why should we wait?

Doing things together is so joyous. It brings tears to my eyes to see how this world is unfolding right before my eyes. I am so grateful for that, that I will not stop until I’ve done everything I can to bring that world to light. This is what coexistence is.

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Liz Ellis
Liz Ellis
Dec 28, 2022

love the images you put up - very unique

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