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Day 34 of 100 – An energized day

Today was an electric day of energy. Woke up with a buzz, went to the gym, did my HIIT class and was go, go from that moment on. Came back to work immediately and it’s been a long day attending to and helping people. A nice day with lots of variety (and some nice food :D)

I can see how my body responds in large groups of people. I need to work on that. My mind tends to have the same repeating thoughts as soon as I enter large groups. It’s usually around the opposite sex. It’s kind of lame. I’d rather just have a still and unfluctuating mind everywhere I go.

Repeating thoughts in large groups of people.... Minds bouncing off minds bouncing off minds

There’s also an uncomfortable vibration in my body, particularly in my legs. It’s getting easy to ignore and learn to let go of, but it can be rather constant and annoying. I know it’s the process that I need to push through though. I know it’s just my mind, but it’s almost as if my legs are picking up the vibration of the Earth and the vibration more specially of the area. It’s just a theory anyway, it could just well be a response to some lingering social anxiety.

Earths vibrating energy
Are my legs picking up the vibration of the earth?

To end the day on a positive, it was exceptionally busy, another long and productive day, ticking off most of my list and learning some new things. To be honest, if I reflect, it was an extremely energized day, and it’s almost as if the day peaked into a crash. Whether that crash is my mind and an expectation from how it’s occurred in the past, or a fact of energy, I’m not sure.

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