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Day 35 of 100 - Will you live as water or as rock?

I used to have the severely false misconception that if I failed at something I was no good at it, or if I tried to do something and faced a setback that I was no good at it. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the previous enlightenment experience I had where I became one with the universe, I understood that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to. Literally anything. And that wisdom didn’t come from me…. It came from a higher power, as did “my” ability to succeed. And when I say you can achieve anything you put your mind to, I really mean it. If you want to be the Prime Minister, you bloody well can! It won’t be easy, but you can. But you must be willing to put the time and energy in and develop your skill set accordingly. The degree to which you succeed at this though, is in large put due to what’s inherent to your character, to your true self, and that’s also the point – you can do ANYTHING, but you’ll be EXCEPTIONAL at what you were born to do.

How do i know my true self | How do I know what I'm meant to do
What path has the Universe laid out for you? Who is your true self?

Prior to that experience, I did believe this from playing World of Warcraft, but I didn’t truly have faith in it in my heart like I did from then on. But even though I had faith in that idea from that moment on, I still couldn’t take a step forward because my mind was totally fucked up. There was always a barrier that prevented me from even taking a single step. I’ve realized over time, that this is the deep programming I’ve inherited from my ancestors – the unconscious mind. Because of the way I lived, I really built up all the negative aspects of that unconscious / subconscious mind. That programming held me back totally. I felt imprisoned in my own mind.

Reprogram your mind | totally reprogram your mind
The deep subconscious mind controls our every thought and action

It was not until I started meditating for a long time that I realized it could be changed. And even then, it’s really not until I started working on the deep-rooted subconscious programming that I could really start to take some steps forward.

And now, I understand nature’s flow. It’s bit by bit, like the droplets of water that can erode even the largest of rocks with nothing more than time. Change is exactly the same.

Live like water | Change and adapt
Rain drops can shatter even the largest rock with time

And so I don’t want to rest on my laurels, but I want to reflect on what has been an exceptionally productive week. I’ve done well over 100 hours of work this week. That’s included guiding meditation, managing the meditation centres, online promotion, content creation, engaging and connecting with students, meetings, and various other tasks. It’s been a really joyous week and I’m so grateful that even for a week, I was able to do this.

Will I be able to do it next week? Who knows. It really depends on me. It depends on my own mind. It depends on whether or not I choose to live as the water or the rock….

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