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Day 55 of 100 - Is this just an excuse?

I have been contemplating pausing on this for a week or so just to refresh my mind. It feels as though it's become a chore, and I'm not really adding any value or achieving anything.

But I wonder if it's just an excuse or not?

I don't think consistency is an issue, but a lack of creativity really is. Even instagram.... My mind is not really on it so it's just something for the sake of something. Not really adding anything of value.

Lost the spark and need a reboot.... Or am I being lazy?

But again, I wonder if it's just an excuse?

On the upside, I'm grateful for some heartfelt moments today. I was able to release some thoughts about certain people which was a liberating experience.

Also discovered more AI! You beauty more gratitude! Dall E, which is the AI image generator of OpenAI (ChatGPT)

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