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Day 56 of 100 - the greatest Christmas song of all time?

For me, it has to be John Lennon's - Happy Xmas (War is Over). Even now as I play it to inspire me to write for this post it brings tears to my eyes.

Every year, without fail, whenever I play it, it brings tears to my eyes. I couldn't think of a more hopeful song....

And so this is Christmas(War is over) For weak and for strong(If you want it) The rich and the poor ones (War is over) The road is so long (Now) And so happy Christmas (War is over) For black and for white (If you want it) For yellow and red ones (War is over) Let's stop all the fight (Now)

It resonates with such profound unity. John Lennon, despite his deficiencies, was a good man. He tried to make the world a better place, and I'll always respect and love him for that.

But.... Like always, those who tried to do good were gunned down like dogs. The energetic vibration of "goodness" reacted against the energetic vibration of "badness". It seems to be a by product of the global consciousness in its current state...

Such is the human condition.... The human mind.

But let's not be gloomy. Let's rejoice in the fact that now, times are changed and we can live together forever.

Let's be grateful for Christmas together in this wonderful nation, and let's be grateful together that we have our families and one another. Let's never stop being grateful. That's what this time should be all about.
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