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Day 73 of 100 - Grateful for those good vibes around people!

One of my meditation buddies is over from WA. I visited him when I was there last.

I have to say, it's been soooo good having him around.

Somehow, he lifts my spirit, and I lift his. It's such a comfortable feeling, but full of creative and life filled energy!

How to be a good influence
People around you can lift your spirits, or drain them!

How was I around people before?

Before I meditated, I always had a sense somehow for people's "energy", but I always just thought it was my own mind.

I always doubted it.

Have you ever walked into a room and just "felt" the atmsophere? Felt like you were being judged?

In some ways, it was just my mind, and it was certainly something that I projected past experiences on to.

But now that my mind is clear, I can see!

Ahhhh, this is the REAL communication.

It's the energy of the Universe, which is the body of the Universe, which is simply everything in existence all as one, "communicating" on that Universal Mind level.

Isn't communication one of the most important things in human interaction? What could be more important than discovering this true communication?!?

What you say on the outside means nothing! If you cover the poison in your mind with scented flowers, people can still feel it!

But it seems, only when I have a clear mind is it something that I'm really in tune with, and not just a figment of my imagination....

After all, don't you truly want to connect and become one with people?

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