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Day 85 of 100 - "Waves" from the future... A different take on manifestation and the flow of time

When it comes to manifestation, they say that you need to feel the future that it has already come true.

To manifest, we should feel the future - but is this from ego?

Dr Joe Dispenza has documented this phenomenon and it's also something my meditation teachers teach.

By feeling the future as though it's already done, and gratefully taking action, our hearts and minds stay open to possibilities of the future and we can manifest into our world the life we are seeking.

You will hear actors talk like this, musicians, spiritual people, religious people, so on and so forth.

But what about when this happens in reverse?

I find it difficult to articulate in all honesty, but I'll just try.

In the above, we are magnetizing the future towards us, but in reverse the future is magnetizing us towards it. One is egoic in that "I" am trying to create a future according to my will - whereas the other is in complete surrender and servitude to the greater force....

Everything in existence is simply the one existence.... God.... Nature's flow.

Einstein's theory states that energy can not be created or destroyed - it simply changes state.

So, if you think of the ocean, when it heats up it creates clouds, and then clouds create rain, and rain pours back into the ocean - it's an endless and harmonious cycle.

The ocean has waves, and when they crash against the shores, they're not just the accumulation of movement from kilometres away - they're actually the accumulation of an eternity of movement - but the crashing against the shores impacts the waves to come.

The ocean is impacted by the "past" and the "future"

The ocean of time

There isn't even any past or future - there is only the eternal present.

It's hard to wrap my head around it in all honesty, and if I try, it just ends up sounding convoluted and rubbish (least of all try to explain it).

But somehow.... It feels as though the waves of the future, the vibrations, have washed through my consciousness today, and it's not the first time it's happened.

Is this truly surrendering?

The first time it happened was when I saw God as the Mother and Father of the Universe, and everything as God, and that God just is. Beyond conception, beyond time.

God just is.

I saw my future unfold before my eyes. I saw who "I am". Even now, my heart glows and it seems so absolutely undeniable.

So, who really cares?

In a way, it doesn't matter, but because of the lure of that future, it magnetizes this being towards it.

That profound wealth....

A big part of me couldn't care less about wealth in and of itself. Mansions, cars, materialism bores the shit out of me.

But money as energy? As a force to do good?

And beyond that, as a way to attract people to the Truth?

That's what I love.


I feel like this is all just intellecutalized bullshit, but I wanted to talk about it anyway.

Who knows, maybe it will touch a heart or two out there?

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