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Day 93 of 100 - The most accurate place to ask for answers, and how Conversations with God is wrong


That it to say - the entire Universe.

The Universe is within as the Universe itself is my true body and mind and that is the most accurate place to ask for answers, and this is wisdom.

True body and mind is the universe | how can i talk to the universe?
The universe is the true body and mind... Not the meat bag we're so attached to

The place to ask is the.... True Self!

When I'm struggling with something, I always just ask the Universe - the True Self.

This doesn't mean I be passive and wait for an answer.

It means to work towards whatever the solution seems to be, and if it's not the right solution, then that will eventually come through that process.

Each step was important and lead to the next.

This means I can ask google, chatGPT, or more specifically simply just the Universe and the answer will come eventually.

To find answers within, you need to ask the Universe as your true self
The Universe gives you all the answers you need

How do these answers come?

It can be as simple as a google search, after all this is IN the Universe!

But just as an example, I might gratefully ask the Universe "should I fly there, or just stay here?" and then suddenly a bird flies across my vision from nowhere.

These types of synchronistic experiences present to you the answers you need - there and then, or precisely at the time you need it.

It may seem miraculous and profound, but it's only because our minds are so thoroughly absorbed in our own little mind worlds, that we have lost touch with the True Self.

We've become so prideful, and so full of hubris that we think we, as individuals, control everything and need to know everything.

And it's such a burden to live in this way.

Universe sees and knows everything | my true self is the universe and it has all the answers
It's so liberating to realize you don't have all the answers.... Universe has it all!

If only people knew, all it takes is to have a clear mind and faith, then all answers can come to them.

Life is so much easier that way.

But don't get confused with the false self....

"Conversations with God" is a famous book many people lean to in regards to this question.

It's a book I used to LOVE and it really resonated with me many years ago.

Neale Donald Walsch is not talking to God, but talking to himself. The real God is your True Self
A best seller that aappeals to many, but it's simply just Neale Donald Walsch talking to himself, it is not God

But having seen it from the perspective of everyone else, with a mind full of thoughts, and then having cleared away that mind full of thoughts, I can see that this is nothing more than Neale Donald Walsch talking to himself!

There's a big push for this in "new age spirituality" - finding answers within....

And while this is true, you can easily be deceived by your own mind... I had been deceived time and time again until I learnt to clear away the build up of thoughts that I'd stored in my mind.

Best of luck!

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