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Day 72 of 100 - Grateful for a clear mind

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Recently I've been trying to push through huge uncertainty.

The uncertainty permeated my entire life... It was a mind pattern I've carried.

I've come to realise through meditation, everything we think is attracted into our life - so having that doubt in my mind brings the conditions in my life to show me.

Meditation that clears away your old thought patterns changes your entire mind...

I'm so thankful that I know this and could push through!

Algorithim progress

The algorithm I've spoken about, I've been making some huge progress with it and I'm now running 4 side by side to see which ones perform the best.

From not really believing it, and thinking somehow I was wrong, or it was wrong, to this.... Is huge!

Again - whether they work in the long run, although it would be nice, is so irrelevant to me now.

The shape of my mind is transforming continuously....

How to change your mind for good
The mind can be completely reshaped with meditation

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