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Day 95 of 100 - How gratitude gets you closer to the Mind of the Universe / God / Buddha / Allah

Something has recently clicked in my mind.

My meditation teacher always talks about being grateful for everyday life (as does the bible and all the other religious scriptures). So for me, gratitude seems like it goes hand in hand with getting closer to the Mind of the Universe.

I didn't really truly understand before, but now my 3rd eye is beaming with a higher understanding.

God's mind is in the 3rd eye - this is God's wisdom, the universe mind
The 3rd eye is the portal to God's mind

The Universe Mind accepts EVERYTHING

This is also something my meditation teacher talks a lot about - that Universe accepts everything and that this is the Mind of God. Again, I never truly understood it.

He says this mind is the biggest, widest, highest and lowest, but the human mind is the narrowest.

Yesterday it clicked.

A truly grateful mind accepts everything just like the Universe Mind of God does
The Universe Mind accepts everything

The opposite of the Universe Mind is the human mind

The human mind thinks this individual being (for example, the one that's reading this page) exists - and so what it sees, hears, touches, tastes, etc it think "this is what's true". But this is a narrow perspective because it's limited to this body, thinking that the thoughts are coming from inside this body and mind, behaving according to it's programmed script, just like a robot.

Also, think about a time where you learnt something, and you held onto that and argued with someone who disagreed or presented a different perspective.

why are humans self centred? | how does the mind work?
Human mind is like a robot

Maybe you read a book or watched a documentary or something on the news, and then you start telling people of what you know and what you learned, this is coming from the limited and narrow point of view only that being has. The problem is, that the human mind thinks it's right so will hold that as though it's true.

For example, you read a book about quantum mechanics, and then you say "this is what the Universe is! It's all energy and it's quantum", but someone else reads the bible and says "no, this is what the Universe is! It's all God!".

Both are only seeing from their own limited and narrow perspective!

So back the Universe Mind....

The Mind of the Universe, the all accepting Mind, embraces both of those perspectives and allows them both to be - and this is the mind of love! It does not reject, it just accepts.

And in this way, it is the biggest, widest, highest and lowest!

Where the human mind says "I am the drop in the ocean!" the Universe Mind says "I am the ocean!".

Man is a part of and one with the universe
You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean itself

When you have the wisdom of God from within, it is not just thoughts coming from inside of your own physical being, in fact I think this is extremely missleading in the "New Age Spiritual" movement. They're just the thoughts of that limited narrow being.

If someone comes to you, and tells you something you need to hear, and you are inside your own narrow perspective you may reject them. But if you are in the all accepting Universe Mind, you see that "person" as your thought!

OK so what, but what does it actually mean?

I'd heard it so many times, but now it's just clicked, and it brings a higher understanding, which brings one closer to the Source.

And this is the Mind of the Universe. This is the Mind of God, Buddha, Allah.

This is the True Mind.

what is the true mind? how do i find the true mind? does gratitude help me find the mind of god?
Universe Mind is the Mind of God, Buddha, Allah and it is everything in existence - this is our True Mind

This is why gratitude is SO important - because with gratitude you develop an all accepting mind. I thought it was just to build a more positive mind, but it's SO MUCH more than that.

As we come to learn more and more about the mind through developing AI, it's going to bring us closer to these fundemental truths.

The evidence will be there in the data, and an accepting and grateful mind just might be the key.


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