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The Benefits of a Cold Shower For Your Body and Mind - Have You got "the Rocks" of Dwayne Johnson?


There's a long list of celebrities who are jumping on the cold shower bandwagon, some of the more noticeable ones being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I was taking cold showers on and off since I started to hear about the benefits of it, but from last year I decided I needed to stick with it. I'm reflecting on it and realising it's been paying dividends!

Science backed benefits of cold showers

Here are some of the science back reasons why having a cold shower is really good for your health:

Now, there are even some scientists who are suggesting cold showers, and especially cold plunges, are linked to longevity!

What are the many health benefits of cold showers?
Cold showers have many health benefits

I follow a discarding meditation method, and my meditation teacher suggests that eliminating stress from your mind is the best thing you can do for your health and that you can live up to 150 years old! Science is catching up on this idea.

So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon too.

What it can do for your mind

What I'm more interested in is what it can do for the mind. I've been trying to break down my bodies inclination to follow whatever desires it comes up with and I thought cold showers would help with that.

So, here are 3 things I've noticed upon reflection:

1) Consistency

This is one of the many routines I try to employ to develop that consistency - there's no success without consistency!

2) Discipline

Just doing and not thinking. My mind can be a real arsehole, and I can think myself into the ground and don't end up taking any action, waiting for some motivation to get me moving - and this is not the way to success!

Have a cold shower no matter what.... Boy, I love Australia :D
Have a cold shower no matter what.... Boy, I love Australia :D

3) Resilience

Doing it no matter how I feel. Almost every night I think "boy I can't be fucked" but I do it anyway. And it's great cause showers tend to be quicker, and I hate showering as it is :D

Change takes time

I stopped and started several times. I found myself having all kinds of excuses in my mind.

"It's pointless doing this."
"You're not achieving anything."
"So what if you live longer and healthier, life is shit anyway."4

So I SMASHED those minds by just doing it.

Can cold showers have a good effect on my mind too?
Exploding the minds...?

Now, that mental muscle of not thinking, and just doing is getting stronger and stronger by the day.

If I'm to achieve any of the goals I set myself, I need to keep having these small victories each and every day.

What are some things you do to keep yourself achieving your daily goals and building healthy habits?

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