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Day 57 of 100 - Your presence is a greater gift than any presents....

What's the greatest thing about Christmas?

If you'd have asked me 20 years ago, I'd have said the LEGO or Playstation I was hoping to get! Now it's about so much more than that.

It's about the connection and time spent with friends and family. It's a really precious time, and we're so blessed to be able to celebrate that in peace here in Australia, and in the west at large.

Consumer-bot being a good little consumerist

It's something we should never take for granted.... I'm not sure I ever truly stop to appreciate that. It's probably only now as I reflect on the day and what I'm grateful for that that dawns on me.

Enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy those times together. It's such a shame that there's so many families who stay divided over some stupid words or missmatched expectations. It's so stupid that countries are the same.

Being together, forever, is the greatest gift of all. It's the most joyful news there is.

I hope people can hear that news soon enough....

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