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Day 86 of 100 - Almost all January goals completed

Very happy with this that I've managed to maintain the consistency to achieve almost all my January 2023 goals.

There's still a few things to tick off and it's by no means been a perfect month, and I have a lot of work to do yet.

But I'm happy I've stuck to the plan.

Today I finished my cryptocurrency short list, amongst my cryptocurrency plan, which I'll use to "flip" with short term swing trades.

With all that said, where has January gone wrong?

With full transparency, I've still not been able to easily pivot from 1 task to another.

Even though all this work on finances and investing is at the end towards the goal of meditation centres, I've been terrible at focusing on this existing meditation centre itself.

I don't have many students to take care of, so I've kind of justified it in my mind this way, but I do feel it's been tough to focus on it and pivot into it.

Today I'm rocked.

I had an Acai Berry bowl and it must have had waaaay too much sugar in the granola, because it's set my whole day on a terrible trajectory.

Lesson learnt on the granola, but either way, still not doing as well as I'd like with the food...

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