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Day 92 of 100 - What makes Avatar so good? The Truth to how it overwhelms you with gratitude..?

James Cameron (JC) has produced yet another masterpiece. Some might say he the Jesus Christ (JC) of film making (by some, I mean just me trying to be clever but I'm probably the one who thinks I'm being clever....)

Avatar 2 touches on an array of topics that are all at once appealing to the depth of our collective past, our contemporary spirit, and our potential future.

Let me set the scene.... And ACTION!

In this movie, *we* are the bad guys, and I have to say - fuck em - I hope they bloody well lose! Our reckless, careless, money driven society that worships profit over anything else is at the heart of the evils being committed to Pandora.

While this is how we are now, you can easily see that if we continue on this trajectory, it's where we'll be in the future (although I don't believe it's possible).

Archetypes and how they impact how we relate to the world and each other | the archetype of the self in avatar
Carl Jung was ladsy as, and his theory on the collective unconscious was very profound

The movie appeals to many of the archetypes in humans. Archetypes, according to the famous psychanalyst Carl Jung defined:

"Jungian archetypes are defined as images and themes that derive from the collective unconscious"

Aspects of our "self" that is embedded within our unconscious mind - you could say the software.

A theory on why it's so good and what makes a movie so "good"

And yes, "good" is subjective, I get it, but I'm trying to say that in the sense of trying to find some underlying objective truth.

The hero, the father figure, and various other archetypes appear in this film, and because humans are fundamentally self-centred, we will relate to the movie in the way that most appeals to us.

The hero in the film appeals to our collective unconscious | Our collective unconscious responds to the hero archetype in avatar
The hero archetype is the easiest to recognize in films.... The good guy always triumphs

A father watching the film will connect with the father figure Jake Scully and how it relates to their own struggles as a father, and the emotional response will trigger a connection with the movie.

But the most profound one in here is "the self". The True Self IS the Universe itself, and this is something that all of us are a part of and are totally one with.

You are not your body. You are not your mind.
The True Self is the Universe, your body shape is NOT you

We are at once one with it, and are part of it.

Therefore, it forms a connection within all of us and to all of us - wether we are conscious of it or not.

And that's it's greatest power.

To quote the film:

The way of water has no beginning and no end. Our hearts beat in the womb of the world. Water connects all things, life to death, darkness to light. The sea gives and the sea takes.

And this is what makes it so compelling. This is what makes it so good - because of the degree to which it reflects the Truth.

That, and the way it spans across a huge scale of time as I mentioned earlier - our collective past, present and potential future, which can connect on so many levels with every cell in our body.

Why did it make me feel so grateful?

In every movie, where there is some deep connection I feel with all of humanity, and more importantly, with all of existence, I *ALWAYS* tear up.

This was no different.

The way the avatars are so in harmony with nature is just so beautiful - it's true coexistence... People would call this "spiritual". The way they speak to Mother Nature and pray to Her is also truly heart melting.

Everything is one, and Avatar appeals to that unity within us
We are all connected.... Nature, man, heaven

It takes me to that place within myself where I know Mother and Father are always here, and even now, they are weaving their silent magic into the fabric of existence, unravelling before our very eyes.

The Truth has always been here, but now it has come to show the way.... But for Mother and Father to reveal themselves to us, they are doing it in the gradual process that is synonymous with growth in nature.

Whispering to the depth of our being by jumping out from within the lines of book pages, breaking through the light in cinema, and bursting forth from the actions of humanity.

The Truth that is revealed in Avatar | Is there any Truth to avatar the movie?
The Truth is revealing itself to us bit by bit, day by day....

So silently, like our Mother and Father, I try to surrender myself to that process to help bring about their great love into the world...

Who are our true parents? Is the universe really alive and is avatar a spiritual movie?
Mother Nature is our Mother, God is our Father.... But they are One

And I do it gratefully knowing that this is the blessing of blessings.


I was just about ready to sleep at 10pm, passing out hard and was almost going to "leave this until tomorrow" (piss weak excuse).... But that ain't the plan bitches!!!!!

I better be humble about... Sorry

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