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Day 99 of 100 - 1 more day to go! My journey with creating content and a future content framework

There is only 1 more day to go with the 100 day gratitude challenge! I think tomorrow I need to celebrate with a pizza and a beer :D

It has honestly been a bit of a burden, so I'm very much looking forward to it ending so I can do it when I want to, not because I have to - it's been both wonderful and difficult, I'm sure much like climbing a mountain!

Meditation and mindset are essential to creating content
Creating content on this 100 day journey has been extremely rewarding, but at times very challenging

I have really pushed myself to my limits. At some points I was really impressed with just how far it could be pushed, and at other times extremely disappointed, but more on that tomorrow.

The journey of evolution of content up to this point

The process of content creation has been very enjoyable for the most part as I love being creative.

I have tried to provide some value, but also tried to keep things short enough to capture peoples attention. I tried humour, I tried stories, and most of all, I tried always asking the Universe for some guidance.

I've tried it in different formats - as skits, as talking to the camera, as voice overs, as a story, "dueting" with other content creators. I've tried exploring the apps and creating and especially trying to utilize AI. It's really just about trying to find a "formula" that works.

At times I've been confident to get on and say something, and at other times I've not wanted to show this face to the world. Sometimes it's been easy, sometimes it's been hard. Sometimes I was bursting to say something, sometimes I didn't have anything to say.

But I've kept trying.... No matter what.

A starting framework for future content creation

Here I'll summarize my learnings and the things which have resonated most with me.

In an ideal world, the content would always be easy to understand, relatable, beneficial, and humorous. If I could have that in every piece of content, I would be very happy. My main niche is meditation and mindset, and shaping the world - understanding money, trends, AI, metaverse, architecture, businesses and politics. How to have an impact!

Whatever it is, it really needs to get the hooks right. Straight to the point, and straight to the issue that's going to capture people's attention in the shortest amount of time.

5 types of content

  1. Inspiring content

  2. Entertaining content

  3. Education content

  4. Content that shares my views

  5. Content that makes people think

Some basic content ideas

  • Document life and experiences and what I do in relation to meditation

  • Share how I got interested in meditation

  • Share a valuable lesson or experience or story in about meditation

  • Share how others can get interested and started and why they should

  • Content around things that annoy me about meditation

MEditation and gratitutde helped me be a content creator
This is just a fkn SICK picture so I added it, thanks Midjourney :D

Why do I want to create content?

The goal is not about money, the goal is to help them find this meditation method.

The simple reason is, I want to help people by showing them the meditation method to find their true self.

If along the way, naturally the opportunity to make money emerges, then that money will also go straight towards helping more people find out about this meditation method.

But the simple truth is, none of this would have been possible without meditation...

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