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Day 91 of 100 - How the whole world takes care of you if you take care of it...

I've recently been in Sydney celebrating a special day for the meditation method that I do.

As a full time volunteer who runs Brisbane Meditation, I was offered a ticket to come and celebrate with Sydney Meditation as the centre here is still very new and doesn't have many members.

I had heard the idea that if you give yourself to the world, the world really gives back to you, but I hadn't really experienced it on this level.

Give to the world and you get everything when you live in service to others | Service to others is the  true way to live
The world responds to your vibrations

When I was there, people were so generous with me, taking me out to lunch, dinner, buying me things, treating me, and making sure I was really happy all the time - it was really humbling and beautiful.

It's given me a taste of what it means to truly serve the world... The world being the True Self.

Because I've been a bit stuck in my guts...

They say the gut is like a second brain, and I have been eating pretty poorly, mostly because my body was trying to compensate for a complete lack of sleep these last few weeks.

I then got stuck in a bit of a habit loop.

So, I honestly wasn't able to appreciate Sydney to the fullest until after I left and realized how it all unfolded.

Being grateful for what's in front of you | How to be grateful for what is right in front of you
We miss the beauty right before us when we're trapped in ourselves...

It was beautiful :)

But there's only 10 days left on the challenge and again I've slipped into an unconscious routine, so it's time to re-align myself and really put all of my intention into gratitude over the next 10 days!

What it made me realize

The world indeed, does give to you what you give.

I constantly hear about service to others, particularly in business - allocating x % of profits to service. Also content creators like Gary Vee who swear by the idea of being of service and it will come back to you.

I totally agree!

But I want to take that to the complete level... Give it ALL. None of it is done by me anyway!

Everything I'm doing is in service to others.

Helping, guiding, listening, even the investments.... I want it all to go towards mental health - namely meditation centres which I see as the ultimate solution for all mental conditions.

I don't need the flashy cars or houses - I just need to be a part of helping more people.

That's all I care about.

For me, this is the true manifesting, not the "get something for myself" manifesting, and yet it is something for my self - but for the True Self.
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